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Pójdźże, kiń tę chmurność w głąb flaszy.

This sentence contains all 32 characters of the Polish alphabet
and every character is used only once! (via nibi-nn)

It also contains so-called “Polish spirit” which is vodka.

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soooooo handsome :3 :3 :3

soooooo handsome :3 :3 :3

Favourite movie ever

Favourite movie ever


“Amy has a little light on inside her that burns — sometimes a soft light, sometimes a hot little blue flame, but you are aware always of the light. It is her immediacy as an actress, that present quality that makes her special.” – Meryl Streep

Happy Birthday Amy Lou Adams! (August 20, 1974)

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Rachel Weisz by Tom Craig (2009) 

Helena Bonham Carter by Mario Testino

Helena Bonham Carter by Mario Testino

Noomi Rapace or Vogue Italia


"The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region. Here are some related videos you may enjoy."



Yep. Happened to me TO OFTEN -.-

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